Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
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Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge 5: Piroshky & Crepes

  • #5 Piroshky & Crepes, Everett WA
  • October 29 (Raining)
  • Assam Black Tea
  • 9.5 miles
  • Sunspot socks

The plan was hatched for me to ride my bike to daughter Sarah's house where I would meet up with Susan who would be bringing grandson Etienne there from the ferry. It was raining!

OK, well I am planning to do the 'November Ride in the Rain Challenge', so this would be a good practice day for that. And a perfect time for me to stop on the way for tea at one of my very few favorite tea spots.


Clouds drip rain

I actually rather enjoyed my ride in the rain. The rain was gentle and falling straight down on me rather than blowing into my face; there was no wind; and it was not cold. Add to this that I was totally covered in ALL my rain gear, so was well protected. I had started out without rain pants on as I seldom wear them. Within just a few short blocks I realized that this was real rain, so turned around for home to get those pants. I arrived at Sarah's wet on the outside but dry and warm on the inside.


Is it any wonder that I love this place? Raindrops on my gloves evidence my rainy ride.

Now that I was weathered to the rain, I changed my original plan to take the most direct, shortest route to the house and added just a couple more miles to enjoy being in the saddle. Thus proving that I CAN ride in the rain and actually like it.


My bike stayed outside but very near me.


Socks of the Day



  1. Love your socks and of course the teapot with the tea light and the yummy snack to go with it.

  2. The tea is pricey, costing more than at most places -- $4.50 or so for the pot (which I get refilled with hot water and though weaker, the tea is still goood) but it is worth it to me. It is a favorite place for a friend of mine and me.

  3. Love your socks of the day..have not had the pleasure of seeing these. Great,looking forward to your next pair How fun!!

  4. If i did this each week until I wore every pair of my socks, i would have about four more months after the challenge is done! But the final few days would be dull.