Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Michigan 2016

Midland Michigan, at Vickie's Dad, Len's home. I had not been able to post any photos and posting without photos just does not do it for me ;'-)

I must be too early for the fall leaves to have color -- but it IS fall in Michigan.


I have had a few less than stellar moments in this trip. Here is an email I sent to Susan:

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

Not trying to dwell on the negative, and I am basically having a good time on this trip, there have been some little annoyances.

1. THE UGLY -- I had chosen the window seat and at first it looked like the middle seat might remain empty. But no -- the BIG guy across the aisle had taken the wrong seat and wedged himself into our side of he aisle. Big guy slept most of the way and his arms spread into my space for most of the way. Made my already small space smaller! Quite uncomfortable.

THE GOOD -- The Ear Planes I bought and used for the first time made my usual ear pain on landing a lot less painful. Slight discomfort only but not the usual excruciating pain.

2. THE BAD -- Deciding to not bring my pedals and shoes did not work well. I brought Power Grips, and even offered to buy clips when the shop said the Grips would not work on the pedals they had. Clips wouldn't either. I found riding on those flat platform pedals very miserable and somewhat unsafe. My foot kept falling off the pedal, and I had trouble starting safely and smoothly from intersection stops (traffic ahead).

THE GOOD -- I went back to the shop to buy pedals and shoes if they would have them. They had a set of SPD pedals for me to borrow and I bought shoes and clips. AHHHHH a world of difference in my comfort level on the bike. And I didn't mind buying shoes as I have thought I needed/wanted a new pair.

(2b -- not bringing my own saddle was also a mistake as I am beginning to "feel" the one they provided.)

(2c -- I sure do miss my water bladder. It is a very tight fit to get the water bottle I brought into the bottle cage on the bike. So I don't drink nearly enough as I have to stop for a drink.)

Lesson learned -- don't pack so light. ;'-)

3. THE BAD -- My electric toothbrush ran out of battery after two days of use.

NOTHING TOO GOOD -- but at least I had brought my manual tooth brush.

4. THE BAD -- the cable connector for my camera to iPad transfer has apparently bit the dust and I cannot download photos. Without photos I will not blog as those are the drivers for my blogging.

THE POTENTIAL fix -- try to get Vickie to drive me (or loan me the car to drive myself) to Best Buy -- about 15 minutes away -- to purchase a new cable. If all else fails I can try to ride my bike there after our ride today. Strange town riding is not my choice, but I could make it work if need be.

Things have gotten under control and now that I have a new connection cord for my camera to iPad transfer I will do some catching up here.

I rent a bike from the same shop each year and like what I get from them. It is always a basic Specialized model good for the paved trail and flat riding we do.

This year's bike is pink


My new shoes


Side view

We spent the first two days in Midland riding around the quiet back roads, doing errands (getting new shoes) and stopping at the usual coffee shop for a treat. Enjoying quiet evenings at home and sharing some time with Len. He feeds 11 feral cats and kittens as well as two house cats. That adds up to 13 cats!


A small handful of the cats that come for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Len's

The following day we drove (by we I mean Vickie) three hours across the state to Muskegon for some riding. That will be my next post -- perhaps tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you made the best of it despite all those little annoying things.
    13 Cats. Unbelievable.!!!!!

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