Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Sunday, November 13, 2016

2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge 7: Spotted Cow

  • Spotted Cow, Mill Creek WA
  • November 13 (could have been raining ;'-))
  • Sencha Green Tea (Tea Forte)
  • 25 miles
  • Dragon socks

It had rained last night, and continued into the early morning. I checked our rain gauge -- the puddle at the end of our driveway -- at about 9:15 to see that there was no rain at the moment.


No Rain

I put on my dragon socks, packed my rain pants (just in case) and got in the saddle for a ride.


Dragon Socks

I left home at about 10:15 for the ride to Mill Creek. It was gray and cloudy and, after having been riding in 65-70 degree days this past week, the 48 degrees felt rather chilly for my first few pedal strokes. It didn't take long to warm up however, and I had a nice, cool, non-raining ride.


The ducks were feeding in a nearby pond along my route.



I arrived at Spotted Cow where there are no bike racks. I put my bike near the rear entrance, used my poor man's lock and chose a table near the window where I could keep an eye on it. I ordered my fare but was a bit disappointed. I had not been asked if I wanted it for "here" or "to go", so I assumed there was not a choice. After I got served and made my way to my table, I noticed that others had actual plates and cups with saucers.


Mine was served in paper cup and foil wrap. ;'-(

Seeing what looked like a fine assortment of teas, I happily chose Sencha which is my go to tea when I am not familiar with the brand.


I thought "Tea Forte" sounded great.

When I got my cup of tea it appeared to be whole leaf tea that they themselves put into little bags. Even better, I thought. But -- the tea ended up being weak (I left the bag in the cup through the end) and tasteless.

The pastry choices were not only limited, but by this time (11:30), there were even less choices. Since it was approaching lunch time for me, I chose a "savory" scone. It was "OK".



This is not a place I will have on my list of places to come back to as I was left unimpressed. Leaving Spotted Cow, I rode through the back parking lot to appreciate the last of fall colors.


Some of the colorful fall leaves continue to cling to their trees as a last gasp of fall hits.


I took a longer route home and rode through the county airport. This has become my route of choice when riding home from this area. It adds miles to the loop, but if I have time that is what I like. This time I got on the trail after leaving McCollum Park. But first I would make a stop.


I have stopped to see this in the past, and it is the only such memorial I know of.

I didn't take the time to read all the names here, but of those I did read, many were in their mid to late 20's. A sad memorial indeed.

Continuing on, the trail takes me up and over the busy highway.


As I approached the airport, and had less than half an hour to get home, there were just a few sparse raindrops that fell on me. I was at the ready with my rainpants, but never needed them as that (little bit of) rain was gone within no more than 15 minutes,


Museum of Flight plane on display on my route.

A fine morning of riding, and the finish of the 2016 challenge for me as I reach #7 for teaneuruing. Although -- I am now a patch carrying member of "Always Coffeeneuring" so there is no end to it!


Friday, November 11, 2016

2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge 6: Elaine's

  • #6 Elaine's house
  • November 10 (warm and partly sunny)
  • Kirkland Green Tea bag
  • 32 miles
  • Ya Gotta Have Heart socks


I am going to call this #6 in case the weather for this upcoming week does not allow for much teaneuring. We have had some extraordinarily warm and bike friendly days this past week or so. Today six of us had a fine ride from Elaine's house on a warm enough day to be in shorts and light jackets! Photo below is just before peeling off some layers of clothing. Bike parking was great in Elaine's garage with plenty of room for all bikes (including Dan and Elaine's several).


Brenda, our sixth rider, was taking the photo


We had some fine views of Mount Baker as we took a slow ride along the Riverfront Trail.

Elaine led us around and about a new housing development (that has been in the planning for decades) and into Everett on low traffic side streets and roads where we could glimpse some town activity and sights. We arrived at her home to the welcoming fall cooking smells of chicken noodle soup and fresh baked biscuits, reminding me of my mom's home way back. To top that, Elaine brought out her home baked (from a box this time) brownies and chocolate wine! Chocolate Wine!


Kirkland brand green tea is quite good and one of my favorite choices for bagged tea. Several of us had biked to Elaine's from our home. Having the most miles for my return home, I left this warm and wonderful group of friends a little early to beat any potential cold, wet or dark day!

My socks for the day:


Ya Gotta Have Heart


I need to add this comment from Cindy who sent an email reminding us of this incident. As cyclists we are always on the alert and defensive of car drivers, and we expect the worst when one is crawling up behind us: what will they shout at us? Will they throw something at us? What gesture will they throw our way? What curse words will come from the window? We were indivdually steeling ourselves for such a happening while this car was slowly creeping up behind us (we were extra slow due to the hill we were climbing). This is what took place:

"Just to share a fun moment with the others who didn't get to join us yesterday. As we were riding along, we had so many nice comments and shout outs from people along the trail and even a car driver who told us we were great and looked beautiful (I think Elaine heard that one)...and someone asked if we were a club or a family as we were riding along the river and Brenda replied "we are sisters"! Now, how is that for a cherry on the top! "

Our little group of cycling women friends is dubbed the "Swissies". A name given to us by Dan, Elaine's husband who called us the 'Secret Women Society' one day when we arrived at a group ride after our own time over breakfast before the ride. We morphed that title into Swissies, and now, after Brenda's introduction of us to that family as sisters ---- we are the Swissie Sisters. Rather cute I say.