Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Friday, February 10, 2012

Trolley, boat, bus and a little cycling

 The (private) trolley took us to the Resort restaurant for a most extensive and scrumptious breakfast buffet. How will I ever work off the calories I have eaten on this trip?

Here are some photos of our villa ..
 Exquisite for only one night. A waste really as we had little more than time to go to bed.

We had quite the diverse day. First a boat ride that left from the dock at breakfast that took us to Pine Island with bird viewing (pelicans brown and white, herons, kingfisher, osprey, and a few more) and history telling along the way. If was windy and a little cold dressed in our bike shorts.
 We landed on Pine Island for lunch (didn't we just have breakfast?) and a walk through the Calusa Indian grounds to hear all about the violent Calusa and how they lived, harvested their food, made tools from shells, and how they died.

Finally! We could ride. Amy had shuttled our bikes to Pine Island for our last bit of cycling. I hopped on mine as soon as we were done with the Calusa, and rode a few miles in the opposite direction of our destination (need I say I wanted a few more miles?) then turned around to meet everyone at the Post Office in James City where we turned in our bikes. This was a very short bike ride today. Glad I did a few more miles.

Boarded the bus and had a stop at the Tijuana-type town of Matlacha (mat la shay) for a quick look and an ice cream cone.
 Back on the bus for our dinner stop a mile down the road (didn't we just eat lunch?) before our hour and a half bus ride to our hotel in Naples.

 Our leader Ken has worn nothing on his feet but his pink Crocs. When I had turned around on my ride this morning I rode fairly fast to see if I could catch the last riders in our group (and not miss the shuttle). Up ahead and in the distance I finally saw pink shoes pedaling. I could now slow down and know I would not be left behind.

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  1. The pink crocs, that's awesome way to keep track of him!
    What a fun trip and great scenery but I see shorts and coats!