Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where's my luggage? (Tuesday 2/7/12)

 I think everybody probably knows me by now.  Some remember that the first day I was the last person to find the just right bike. This night some will remember me as the one who came to dinner in the same clothes she wore cycling (I did take a shower). The remainder will know me as the only one who rode the extra miles to the ride start on Wednesday (more about that in my next post, as I am now playing catch up).

The luggage kerfuffle was basically my fault, more by a misunderstanding than anything else. I went for a little morning ride around our "neighborhood" early in the morning and did not want to leave my luggage outside where it was to be picked up later. I took it to the lobby and the clerk said oh yeah, put it there -- by the check-in desk off to the side. I did not know that that was where those who were not taking all of their luggage with them (we are returnung here on Thursday) were leaving their luggage. Enough said I think. The van did get my luggage to me, just as we were finishing dinner.
Here we are, getting ready to leave Naples and bike to Fort Meyers Beach.
 We had a lot of sun on this day as we made our way to this resort town. Some of us went ahead with verbal  directions of now to get to where we were going, and soon thought we were lost! A townie was about to pass our bewildered little group as we stood and pondered what to do next. We stopped him to ask how to get to restaurant and he told us, but then said we could follow him for a short cut. We rode with Rick through a parking lot of some businesses, avoiding quite a bit of traffic, and arrived directly in front of our place. It felt a little, once again, like being on the Amazing Race and using a local to help us find something.

We had a rest stop along the way, in the shade of a palm tree.
After lunch we continued on to our hotel which was right on the beach, checked in, and collected our luggage. Some of us collected our luggage. Most of us collected our luggage. All but one of us collected our luggage. See above.

This was the perfect day to go to the pool. If I had my swimsuit.

I was of course quite upset, at myself as well as with whoever was available to be upset with. So this is why I am playing a bit of catch up, because I was not in the mood for blogging last night. Now it is late and I am too tired to write about today. So that will come tomorrow.

I will add a photo of Harriet. Remember Harriet?
 Now I must go to sleep for another adventuresome day coming tomorrow.

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