Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Town Without Electricty

Monday 7/15/2013

Our friend Vicki, in Missoula, warned us to keep an eye on the fire near Winthrop. Oh no! Not more fire worries.

We kept our eye out and saw some dissipating smoke in the distance as we neared Winthrop, and once in town learned that there was no electricity here or in the neighboring town of Twisp. The fire that is somewhere in the valley, knocked out a transformer and thus electricity was lost and would return at about midnight. There was one place in town that had a generator going and was open for business. The Ice Cream shop. Our dinner consisted of the sandwiches that Maura had sent with us, and a HUGE Ice Cream Waffle cone. Oh well, we had to sacrifice somewhere.

Our plan is to stay here for about a week. Susan researched and found that the new Hostel in town would be opening several cabins as well this summer. So she signed us up for a cabin. We arrived at the Hostel to find that the cabins are not yet completed (or built for that matter) due to lots of glitches the young owners have run into. We will be staying in what will become their own home at some (hopefully soon) time. It too has not quite been completed so we stayed the first night in the bunkhouse as no one else was there this night.

Nice Hostel right in the town of Winthrop
Their (Audrey and Paul) future home cabin behind the hostel building
The bunkhouse for us alone the first night here
We met the friendly Biscuit rescued from the pound just two weeks ago and is very adjusted to her new home

We are told to not expect this would be the norm for the upcoming cabins that will not have the conveniences of indoor bathroom, shower or other amenities. We feel rather fortunate for the cabin we get this year. Though the cabin is not complete -- finishing touches as well as plumbing -- this will be our home for the next week.

Step onto the sofa to get to the bed in the loft


Kitchen not quite complete, but we have air conditioning


Our outside deck


This is as far as they have gotten on construction of any additional cabins they had hoped to have done by this month. Perhaps for the winter crowd.

It sounds like the future cabins will be somewhat like those at KOA -- bare bones.


UPDATE OF "OUR" WILDFIRE: The report we just read from about half an hour ago says that there are 1300 acres and is still at zero percent contained. Crews are now working to clear brush ahead of the fire and attempt to keep it from rolling downhill -- toward our friend's cabin. We called Carl and he says it is very smokey; the crews did some back burning on the hill; the road is closed to anyone coming in, and if anyone (them) leaves, they will not be allowed back in; they figure they have enough food to last them for four days; the fire is burning now more to the east of them, and they feel that they and their cabin are safe -- but there is no guarantee.


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