Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Saturday, July 6, 2013

On to Lincoln, MT

Friday, 7/5/2013

After a nice breakfast prepared by Vicki and Ray, and some "app" sharing by Vicki, we headed toward our destination cabin in Lincoln.

Vicki sharing some apps for iPad

The town of Ovando is tiny -- but it does have a fly shop.

Susan finds the fly shop


Somehow, in this little bitty shop, we were able to find a few items that we knew we "needed", as they had a "bike corner" in the shop with necessary items and one or two did seem necessary for me. Susan talked with the shop owner, got some fishing info and picked up few flys for the local waters, and we took the three minute tour of town. Soon we spotted and chatted with several cyclists who were on the Adventure Cyclist Northern Tier tour. One woman had flown in from Boston to join two friends for a few days of the ride and would be flying home first thing in the morning. She and I chatted for a good amount of time as she shared some tips about the tour with me.

This store front is about all there is to Ovando
Nice name for a bar in the old west!


One of the huts where the some cyclists stayed

We found the neighbors, Reiko and Chauncy, down the road a piece where we would pick up the key. Our neighbor Margaret (at home) generously has offered us the use of her family cabin here on the Blackfoot River. For Fly Fishers, fishing on a blue ribbon trout stream is a golden opportunity, and they get all excited. We invited Vicki and Ray to join us for the day and they even brought us dinner (again). We have the best friends.Now we would get to LIncoln. I didn't even know there was a town named Lincoln in Montana, and though small, it is booming over this Fourth of July weekend. We had lunch at the Pit Stop ("best burgers in town") before searching out the cabin.

Ray enjoying the Blackfoot
Susan enjoying the Blackfoot
Riverside view of the cabin
Nancy and Vicki enjoying the porch


The fishers caught fish and had fun watching the ones that "refused" their flies jump over their lines, meaning changing flies to something they would like. Vicki and I had a grand time sitting on the porch talking about travel and playing a bit with the Ukelele.

It was fun to have our friends here for few hours and we will enjoy seeing them again next week.


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