Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cedar City -- a town of statues?

Saturday 9/28/2013


My walk this morning took me to Veterans Park and then to SUU (Southern Utah University) Campus.

Veterans Park memorializes the Cedar City residents who lost their lives in one of the five wars. Each war (WWI. WWII. Korea, Vietnam, Iran-Afghanistan) has its own memorial. I chose only two to include in my post -- the two that I found most profound as well as those that had the best photo result ;'-)

This city is very Shakespeare oriented - or at least SUU is. The Shakespeare festival runs June-October and I missed a performance of one of the plays yesterday while doing other things. I am not a huge fan of Shakespeare, so I consider this no big loss. These sculptures are in front of the Randall L. Jones Theatre; the building was not open, so I could not get inside to see the sculptures there.

I thought Lynne would especially like these.

John Falstaff
King Lear

SUU is an LDS school. It is not, by many of our standards, a very big campus, but the grounds are impeccably kept -- bright green grass (sprinklers going a lot), well trimmed edges of walkways, no trash on the grounds and not a weed that I could see.

I had gotten the SUU Sculpture Stroll map from the Visitor's Center yesterday and enjoyed stolling through the grounds which begin a mere 10 minute walk from my hotel.

Interesting looking library on campus


The Starmaker
Pioneer Nellie
All about Nellie
The Centurium celebrates 12 of the great thinkers of western civilization


The Founders Monument -- one of the largest bronze sculptures in the West

There were a couple of sculptures I would have liked to see, but they were inside locked buildings. As well, there were a couple of contemporary sculptures I skipped by rather quickly without interest.

Throughout town there are bronze sculpures that appear to commemorate someone -- a founder or pioneer of some sort.

When I returned to my hotel, our tour leaders were there, conferring together. I reintroduced myself to Dan and Kirk who were leaders of our tour in Moab last year, and met one of the two additonal leaders -- Steve who is Dan's son. We chatted a bit and they told me where we will meet this afternoon.

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