Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day two (we really only have two)

Wednesday 9/4/2013

Very fogged in this morning. We will laze around for the morning and get going when the fog starts its lift.

I had my breakfast on our porch before others were ready to head over to the cafe for theirs. I would join them for tea.

My breakfast of champions

We have rabbits at our house -- many of them in the back yard, and some babies out front. Cute as can be.

Wandering across the sidwalk


Our room is the first one here on the end

I was able to make contact with my friend Elizabeth who lives here on the island, and we will be taking a detour on today's ride to visit with her and Val today.

After a walk along the docks we were ready to face the wettish morning weahter. We didn't ever get "bad" weather, and after about the first hour of riding the heavenly drips stopped, and we had sun breaks through the day.

A view of the hotel from the water side. Our room is hidden by the trees on the left.

The morning traffic was light and our cycling could take a meandering pace with stops for a few island iconic pieces of yesteryear.

Yesteryear's tractor


This one saw a lot of work I would say

We stopped at Shark Reef for our first hike of the day. Bikes locked up, we walked the wooded (damp) trail out to the sound for some water views.


A cloudy morning

We found our way to Elizabeth and Val's for refreshments and a long time no see visit. They have a gorgeous new house, gorgeous water view, and a fine Lopez Island life here in their dream home. It was so wonderful to connect with my dear friend Elizabeth after so much time of not seeing her. My hope is to get to see her a bit more often as time may allow for trips over here. I did not get to take many photos of the house as I was more involved in the visiting. Next time.

From Elizabeth's we aimed for Iceberg Point for our second hike of the day. The way to Iceberg Point is a bit elusive, and one must learn about it from a local, and know know how to find it.

Obscure sign hidden in the trees alongside what appears to be (but is not) a private driveway.


One of many views at Iceberg Point

Vickie would have loved to spend most of a day wandering the many trails that weave in, out, up and down among the rock outcroppings, but the day was waning and we needed to move on. As well, my back was barking at me to stop the hiking for this day. Once on my bike, my back was at least happier until later in the evening!

Our ride toward home on the other side of the island brought us a few more treasures.


Driftwood Giraffe for Jaydon


Vickie waits patiently across the road for me to take the giraffe photo


Vickie and Gerry are always patient with my picture taking stops

We neared our home destination (not as near as we had thought ;'-)) with a nice coast along the beach where we found where dead driftwood goes for a second life.

Field of Driftwood Dreams


Driftwood Dinosaur
Hat Racks

The last leg of our day had us climb a wall!! At least, at the end of this long and rolling hill day it seemed like a wall to us. Not fair to have a wall at the end of the day! Tired and a little sore, we stopped at the grocery to procure our dinner on the porch fare, rolled home and reflected on the activities and beauty of the day.

This morning (Thursday) it is storming -- (loud) thunder, lightning, rain, low and heavy clouds. I sit here in the lodge to access wifi and look out at rain hitting the deck and clouds making ghosts of the boats moored out in the bay. The weatherman was right with this day's forecast. We will be packing up and leaving today sometime, happy we had good weather for our riding yesterday. We planned this one just right.


  1. Hi Nancy,

    I especially liked all the Driftwood photos. How nice they have it for everyone to see.


  2. Yes, these were fun to see. Residents seem to collect the driftwood and create their form of art. We had a good time on the island. Thanks for following and for your comment.