Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

LOPEZ ISLAND -- September 2013

Tuesday, 9/3/2013

For some reason I have been blog-resistant, and did not do one entry for our Kodiak, Alaska trip. Perhaps I will get the motivation to enter some about that trip later even though out of synch. ;'-)

For now, I am on Lopez Island with my riding buddies -- Vickie and Gerry. Susan likes me to be gone the first week and the last week of school (or as much as I can) so that I am not a bother to her during those busy weeks. Thus, my buddies and I planned to take off for "somewhere" the day after Labor Day and do some cycling. We toyed with several ideas and decided on Lopez Island.

On this day I rode from home to the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry (in some drippy weather) to meet up with Vickie and Gerry for the drive to the Anacortes ferry that would take us to Lopez.

Drippy weather to Whidbey Island
Arrived in Clinton to meet Vickie and Gerry
From the ferry in Anacortes. The cormorants were out!


The original plan was to park in Anacortes and ride to Lopez, but our departure day (Thursday) has storm warnings. That coupled with some rain filled clouds this morning switched our minds to driving to the Island.

Once we got to the island of course, the sun was peeking out and was drying up all the rain. Oh well, we may get that storm on Thursday and be glad to have the car. We checked in to the Islander Resort and got our room assignment. Room wasn't ready yet but we got changed into cycling wear and headed out for a spin. We rode along the "spit" around Fisherman's Bay and took a walk at the end of the road to view the Preserve.

That's the spit out there -- view from our porch
The Great Blue Herons were out


Apparent remains of someone's cabin or home



All you wanted to know about reef netting


Reef Netting boats


We walked the trail to its end and reached the beach
The winter tides evidently come in full force


We entered with a Heron, we depart with a Heron

After our rather short jaunt, we rode the couple of miles into the Village for a grocery run in preparation for dinner on our porch. They took another short ride after dropping off our goods, and I showered and relaxed with my signature cup of tea ;'-)

We lulled on the porched, watched some sun set color and enjoyed spectating our neighbors volleyball game. They were a group of cyclists who have been cycling together for 38 years!!!

The "volleyball players" (hopefully better cyclists than volleyball players)

Now that I have started, I will update more as we adventure along.


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