Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Monday, September 30, 2013

High Hills and Thin Air

Monday 9/30/2013

We each dithered and debated about riding the first five miles up that 13% grade that was so thrilling to descend yesterday.

Another of our leaders, Bill, will drive the shuttle for those who would rather not ride 13% grade
Janet dithers whether to ride the shuttle or her bike
Frank is determined to get the luggage to the van on time
Peter has, unfortunately, earned the title of "wrong way" as he missed the turn into our hotel yesterday
Kirk is another of our four leaders, and is the driver who went to rescue Peter
George knew he would ride the whole distance

With Dan's encouragement, and Susan saying she knows I could do it if I chose to, I decided to give it a try. They seem to have much more confidence and faith in my abilities than I have ;'-)

And I did it. Don't let me be misleading about the effort it took me!! It was a struggle, but once I started I just could not bring myself to flag down the van for a lift.

Dan says -- the pain is the weakness leaving your body. So now, I am that much stronger ;'-)

Once at the top we made the turn toward Panguitch -- out destination for the night -- on the most fantastically long (12 miles maybe) descent I have ever ridden. Our payback for that laborious climb. Our lunch stop at (the town of) Panguitch Lake was the halfway point for today, and the continuation to the end was just as easy with mostly downhill riding with a few small, short "bumps" in the road.

in addition to the delightful colors in the forest, there were lava fiellds
Jerry searches for a lava specimen to share details with the grop

By the time we reached our hotel in the Morman town of Pangwitch we had lost 2,500 feet and the air was easier to breathe. At 10,500 breathing was very difficult in the thin air.

We were at our hotel quite early and could relax and make our way to the market for tomorrow's lunch. I walked rather than biked as I felt different muscles needed some activity. I didn't find much in photo material, but there was a "Cowboy Collection" store I found interesting -- more of a museum than store.

Set 'em up barkeep
I'll just set here a while
Bar queen may want in on the deal


The getaway wagon is ready

This being a Mormon town, I found this sculpture rather intriguing.The sun was in the wrong place at the Quilt Walk Park so the photo is not so good. But the story is interesting.

One of the Quilt Walkers
Story of the Quilt Walkers

Ended our day in the usual way -- a very filling meal in town.

Tomorrow more clilmbing -- but no more 13% ers.


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