Nancy Cycles!

Nancy Cycles!
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there." ... Yogi Berra

Monday, April 10, 2017

30 Days of April: April 10

The early part of the day was the part that had sun. During that time I was in the movie theatre with my friend Pat, seeing The Zookeepers. It is a good movie - but hard to watch the inhumane behavior of some humans during WWII.

Once home there was no rain again and even though a little cold, I knew I could bundle enough to be just fine in the weather. I first did an errand of dropping off a book at the library, then did a short jaunt around and through the schools. About half way through my ride, the rain started again. Oh well -- not a big deal, simply got wet.


Self Proclaimed largest "paper" airplane in the world.


I entered the back end of the High School and began the trail

A paved trail connects the High School with the Middle School that makes a nice little walk or shortr bike way.


Softball field with apparently players' names.


I held out in the dugout for a little bit to let a big rain pass over.


Nice trail leading to the HS


Our local covered bridge through the school



Definitely good weather for ducks.


Nearing home, these cherry blossoms are very near to our rain gauge puddle ;'-)



  1. Hi Nancy,
    This is such a nice idea. Following you on your bike for the 30 days in April.
    It is great to see where you are able to go on your various bike trips.
    I am enjoying it very much.

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback Meta. I am very glad that you are enjoying some of my nearby adventures. I am a day behind, but plan to post that today. Thanks again, Nancy